LBW Travel is excited to introduce our newest style of travelling, YogaLife, which was created because our team loves yoga, and we want to share that with our travellers! We put together an experience that combines our fun and exciting tours with a balance of yoga, adventure and life-changing experiences. This is not your average yoga retreat. This is YogaLife!

The YogaLife tour is designed to create excitement, balance, happiness and freedom every step of the way; from our 5-day SATTVA Yoga Mat Intensive Training to our Cosmic Vibes Finale Party, YogaLife is an experience like none other, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of yoga.

This tour was designed for travellers looking to deepen their yoga practice, while still getting the opportunity to explore Thailand.

We have two weeks planned with daily yoga as well as other exciting activities along the way, such as visiting natural hot springs, sea kayaking, and viewpoint hikes. Though we encourage participation in these activities to maximise the adventure, our travellers are welcome to spend their time however it is that they wish to do so. Our team will be present to give guidance to all guests on everything from personal tips on how to improve their Upward Bow Pose (urdhua dhanurasana), where to get an amazing massage, to healthy restaurant locations in Koh Phi Phi. Ultimately, this tour allows the travellers to learn about and explore the incredible country of Thailand while strengthening their overall yoga.

The outdoor yoga platform is available for use by all guests staying at the KrabiLife Homestay. Venue rental is available to any certified yoga teachers.